Transformers Hubcap Autobot 98439

Transformers Scout Class Vehicle Mode to steht
Also Available – Sold Separately – Brimstone. Fortress hubcap. Backfire and crankstart
Level 2 Easy
Ages 5  Years

Weitere Produktdetails
hubcap Never Liked The Way Brimstone Pushed Fortress andere Roboter Around. and he never Made Any Anstrengungen to Hide His Disapproval. The Two Roboter Have clashed More Times Than either of Them CAN COUNT. Now Their Rivalry has moved to the Urban Drag Strips Of Earth. Brimstone May Fortress. Raab King of the Road. Ziel hubcap Wont Give Up until the so-called King is just another Wreck. Race into Aktion with this Fearsome hubcap steht. In Roboter Mode. This Fighter is as Tough AS THEY COME Ziel He 's Got Speed on His Side. Too. When Its Time To Chase Down His Enemies. Convert Him To Muscle-Car Vehicle Modus so He CAN Tear Up The Streets in Hot Pursuit. Rollenspiele Roboter Fighter CONVERTS from Fierce Roboter Modus to Powerful Muscle-Car Vehicle Modus – and Back Again.


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